Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hiawatha Trail

My Mom, Frank Kaleb and I went on the Hiawatha Trail this weekend. It was great. I didnt get tons of good photos I think a lot of that had to do with everything looking so smokey from all the fires. You can see the milkyness of the sky. The ride down was quite fun. My favorite part was the tunnels. Some were pitch black and you had to use a flashlight. I told Kaleb to watch out for the "slow mutants". I read about the "slow mutants" in Stephen King's Dark tower series. At one point Kaleb was coasting through the tunnels kicking the whole time to keep the slow mutants at bay. He did such a great job. He got almost all the way to the bottom (he had only 20ft to go) when his chain fell off and he fell. I think the ride is excellent and is perfect for families. Everyone up there was so friendly. Everytime you passed somone they would smile and say hi.

In case anyone is interested in going on the Hiawatha trail click here to find out more.


sulustu said...

I always wanted to take my kids on that trail. I hear wonderful things about it.

sulustu said...

OK 'Chelle, I'm bored of this pic. When will you go out and take some more pictures?