Saturday, October 08, 2005

I have nearly an hour at the STA Plaza while I wait for my bus to go out to EWU. I decided to occupy my time by going out to take some pictures. I went to the Davenport mainly because I had been there before when I was in high school, 9 years ago, and had taken this exact picture. Since then I have lost that picture and I wanted to get it again. The lighting and compostion of this picture is horrible but I had to work with what I had. I intend to go back with my borther and a tripod to get better pictures of this and more that I was unable to take because it is quite dark in there. About the photo. This "devil" is at the top of everyother pillar inside of one of the meeting rooms at the Davenport Hotel. There are also goblins alternating with the devil. Does the devil not appear to be trying to get itself out of a hole from hell. I ask myself, why is there devils and goblins carved in the hotel? There must be some reasoon. I will find out this reasoon and report back later.
Once again most people would not understand what it is about this picture that I like. It is taken from a building being demolished in downtown Spokane. I cant honestly tell you what it is I like about it. I think it is the apparent disorder mixed with the multitude of systematic colors.
This rock is from the Smithsonian geolgical exhibit. I forget what this rock is made of, but I love its natural beauty.