Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Check This Out!!

This was a scary site. My cousin and I went and took pictures at the Bowl and Pitcher for her senior photos and happened upon a group of people jumping into the river. It was an amazing site. The river was kinda low but still very fast and you could see rocks jutting up all over the place, but that did not stop these people. I think it was actually a class or training exercise. Even though the river was raging, these brave people seemed to be in complete control. I wish I could be so brave. I remember someone once told me that if you ever get caught in a river you can't fight the river you must swim with the current and aim toward the shore. The swimmers seemed to use this same technique.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Outing with Aubrey




My friend Aubrey, her kids, my niece and nephew and I all went to Pine River Park this monday to go swimming. This was the first time I had seen Bryce since he was a little baby less than a month old. I hadn't talked to my friend Aubrey in years when she contaced my on myspace. It is nice to meet up with old friends (at least most of the time). Her kids were great. I choose this picture of Myra to put up because she looks like she has a halo. She is a sweet little girl, a little angle. Her son was cracking joke from the first minute I meet him. Carinna posed for all her pictures just like a super model. This was my favorite one of her. I had to choose this one of Bryce because he got so upset that Aubrey called him Zoolander Male Supermodel, but really he does look like him in this shot. I will have to get a picture of Aubrey sometime too. The only one I got she had a cell phone to her ear.