Friday, June 22, 2007

Seattle Vacation

My Mother and I visited Seattle for a little vacation this last weekend. We stayed with my Aunt Laurie in West Seattle. It was a lot of fun. I told myself this time I would not be taking tons of pictures. Last time when I went to Virginia on vacation I swear I saw everything through the camera. I didn't want to do that this time. Does this gorilla remind you of a Sasquatch?

Vashon Island

Here our some photos from Vashon Island. The first photo is looking out into the ocean. The second is my favorite from the trip even though I am not sure anyone but me can tell what it is without close inspection. I just love close up/detail photos.

Ferry Ride

Here is my Mom and Kaleb on the way to Vashon Island. I have always loved ferrys. Kaleb at one point jumped on the rail and made both my mom's and my heart stop. I went out quickly and grabbed Kaleb. He got upset cause I raised my voice. I wish kids understood that you are not really mad at them but you really are just scared when they do things like that.

Seattle Center

This fountain is huge, you can't tell in the first photo but you sure can in the second. My Mom says we used to love plaing in this thing. It looks like a lot of fun even now. To bad it was so cold that day.

Butterfly Garden

We went to the Seattle Science Center on our trip to Seattle. This was my favorite place when I was a kid. I absolutely loved that place. When we got there the first building we entered was the dinosaur exhibit. Bubba and I were very disappointed. I mean dinosaurs are neat but they are not that fun. I started getting scared. I asked my mom, "is this it?" I was scared because I know since I have grown up I have revisited places that I remember being huge and they turn out to be really small. I was afraid this was one of those times. It turns out we were just in building 5 of 5. What a relief. The science center held up to my expectations. I was so happy to revisit it. The pictures above was of the butterfly exhibit. This was absolutely amazing. It was a room full of butterflies. The only bad part about it was I couldn't get and good pictures. I can't wait until I can get a better camera with manual capabilities.

Mom's Plant

This photo was taken at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I bought a baby version of this plant for my Mom for Mother's Day. I am excited to see if hers will really get this big. I hope it does. It is so neat looking.