Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bountiful Bowls

I went to Center Pointe today for their benefit "Bountiful Bowls" . I meet a couple girls from school and their families. You paid 15$ and got soup from local establishments like O'Doherty Irish Grille and Soulfoul Soups. You selected a hand painted bowl to take home. During the meal a slide show was presented explaining the concept of the bowl of soup. The bowl represents your work, cars, home etc. and the soup in the bowl represents your life. Often you see others people's bowls and think how beautiful theirs is and soon you began to concentrate on your bowl and it it's imperfections. You can only see why theirs is so much better than yours. In actuality you should be focusing on the soup, this is what gives you sustenance, this is what keeps you going. They suggested that "the bowl" was just
a tool to help aid you in your life and you must be grateful for what you have. You must celebrate your life, "the soup".

Here we stand proudly holding our bowls. From left to right (Me, Paul (Heidi's paramour) , Torri (Heidi's daughter), Heidi, and Luara)