Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crazy Story

Kaleb was over for the weekend. We were kinda bored and restless so we decided to take the bus to Riverfront Park. On the way there I asked how long he thought he would like to stay and he insisted that he would want to stay for 3 hours. Of course, after spending and hour downtown he was ready to go. On the way back he was dragging his feet and taking short breaks along the way. When we finally got to the bus stop he sat down as you see here to rest his legs. This is where it gets crazy. We were just waiting for the bus when an old man in a power wheelchair (probably drunk if not that, then at least crazy) with missing teeth and wild hair. He comes up to us and starts mumbling to us. I can't quite understand him but I know he is talking about Kaleb sitting there by the fire hydrant. I say, "oh he is just resting his feet." I thought the man was just lonely and making conversation. He then states, "Is that your kid!?" I say "Yeah?" Then he yells, "Well you need to bundle that kid and take him home." "That is what were doing," I state. "WELL BUNDLE HIM UP AND GET HIM HOME!" I got a little upset with this. I say to him, " Ok I am done you need to just move along!" He starts mumbling some other things I can not hear. He starts talking to Kaleb, "Why you sitting there boy?" "Huh, boy?" Kaleb puts his hand over his face which I thought he did because the guy was embarrassing him. The old man says to me, "Why is he covering his face?" "BECAUSE, you are embarrassing him" I say. " "Oh I am not" he states. Kaleb finally comes over to me. I refused to tell Kaleb to get up because I am stubborn and I didn't want him to think I thought he was right in saying that Kaleb should not be sitting there. Once Kaleb got up the guy says, "There you go kid," and then he just sits there for a long while. Me and Kaleb continue to ignore him and eventually he starts to leave. But, it was so funny. Instead of going forward to cross the street he rode backwards and watched us the whole way. Later once we get on the bus Kaleb expressed how "mean" the guy was. He said that the man said stuff I couldn't here like I am going to put a knife in your heart. I told my mom this story and she says, " I don't think I want you guys riding the bus anymore!!!"
This story is funny now. I am still kinda mad at this guy for passing judgment when he had no idea what was going on and scaring my nephew. This story reminds me of the time when Barry and I were downtown one afternoon. We had just gotten off the bus and were walking downtown. Barry had me hold his hand so that we wouldn't get separated. As most know me and my brother look nothing alike and he 8 years older than me. I guess you can see where this is heading. So were walking down the sidewalk hand in hand when this old women hits my brother with a cane and says, "you pervert!!" He turn around and yells, " YOU WITCH!!" How hilarious couldn't help from laughing while writing this!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy 36th

I went to my brothers 36th birthday today. His girls are displaying the sighn they made for him. All the kids were so excited about it. They could barley sit still waiting for him to show.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Cooper!!

Today was Coopers third birthday. I am sure many will say this isn't worthy of conversation but I was really excited for his birthday. I was also kinda of sad because he is three now and can no longer be considered a puppy of any sorts. I don't have children and so he is kinda my child. We had ribs for dinner so he could have a special treat. He normally dosen't get people food so this was a nice treat for him.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Birthday Lunch

As you notice I have no picture from my Birthday lunch with Barry. You must blame him though. We went to Qdoba for lunch. If you have never been there you should try it out. Their burritos are huge. I wanted to take a picture with my brother putting this huge burrito in his mouth but he absolutely refused. This is why I have no photo!! We had good lunch regardless though.