Friday, January 09, 2009

Las Vegas

My Dad took me to Las Vegas for New Years. My Dad had received a complimentary room and an invitation to a New Years Eve party in the Grand Ballroom. It was a lot of fun. I did not take very many pictures mostly because I would forget to bring my camera when I left the hotel. This is the view from our room. You can see the stratosphere in the background.
This is the Grand Ballroom. I took this picture way before the New Year's Eve party even started. I was disappointed then when I showed up and they had this really neat ice sculpture. It said 2009 and a bartender pored drinks through the numbers to serve you your drink.
I had forgotten my camera so I went back up to my room later to get it, which took about 10 minutes, got side tracked and forgot to get the camera. I decided not to go back up.

During the party we got free drinks and free dinner. The dinner was neat because they had four separate sections in the room to get food. They served Asian, Italian, and American and then a dessert section with a chocolate fondue fountain. They also had a fountain of champagne and multiple cheese and meat tables.
I actually ended up spending midnight in a glass elevator watching the fireworks on strip, with a stranger, and talking to Aaron on the phone. I never once got drunk in Vegas. I guess I did not spend enough time sitting and gambling. I did not go to any shows. I almost went to the Body Exhibit but I could not rationalize why I should pay 35 dollars to see cadavers when I have dissected them before.
I was happy when it was finally time to go home. I tried to take a picture of the strip while taking off on the plane but the plane was rattling and just gave me streamers. I think it is still interesting although blurry.
Lastly, I took some pictures of the sunset while flying out of Vegas. I love seeing the progression of the sunset and the color changes.

This last one I tilted the camera side ways to see what the picture would end up looking like. To me it sorta looks like you are in outer space taking a picture earth.