Sunday, September 28, 2008

30 Years

This last monday I turned 30 years old. I remeber when I was about 18 not being able to imagine my self at 30. I thought I would be depressed that I was getting so old. I am actually happy about it. I feel I am no longer a young adult but just an adult. This makes me happy. I am almost finished with school, only a year left, and then I will be starting my career. My birthday was pretty uneventful. My mother and father both forgot to call me on my birthday. My sister Kim was the only family member to call me (my brother Barry sent me an email). I hung out in my bedroom all day because the downstairs was 62 degrees. Anyone who knows me knows that is way to cold for me. I was feeling pretty down by the time my boyfriend came home (at this time only my friends had called to wish me happy birthday). Aaron walked in the door with this most beautiful Lilly. This really brightened my day.

The rest of my birthday week turned out better. The next day my mother and father called. On Friday my sister took my brother Barry and I to lunch. We went to the Lunch Box on Francis and Nevada. This is a little to-go place with several different Asian dishes. I love this place, the food is really cheap, you get tons, it is made fresh, and it is good. The only bad thing is it is only open from 11-3 in the afternoon.

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sulustu said...

The flowers are lovely.

Wow! It's weird to think of you as a 30 year old ADULT. I still remember you as a tiny little baby in our mother's arms.

Life is strange.