Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lunch With Barry

Had another lunch metting with my brother Barry. We went to De Leon's. This place is really cool. It is a couple blocks off Division on Francis. I discovered this place sometime this last summer. They advertised "tortilla made fresh daily". I love Mexican food so I had to go in and check it out. Ever since then I have been hooked. They have this great marinaded steak called Ranchero Marinada or something similar to that. They also have a deli but I had never tried it out. My brother suggested we go there to the deli for lunch. I had asked him previously to look at a presentation on vision impairment that I had to give in class. He agreed to listen and give me pointers and we scheduled a time for lunch. The food was great and after spending an hour at De Leon's we left to go take pictures of this frozen waterfall I had seen the night before. The night before the snow was falling heavily and the waterfall glowed in the night. Coming back in the day it looked less magnificent and someone had put antifreeze in the water to help melt it and so it had a pink hue to it. Regardless, I really love this picture of my brother. He seems to be glowing. Maybe he stole the glow from the waterfall I had seen the night before. Below is a close up of the icicles. You can see the pink at the tip whcih give's it a strange appearance.


sulustu said...

wow... your picture turned out so much better than mine. good job.

sulustu said...

by the way, i forgot to congratulate you on your presentation. good job getting a 98%!