Friday, June 22, 2007

Butterfly Garden

We went to the Seattle Science Center on our trip to Seattle. This was my favorite place when I was a kid. I absolutely loved that place. When we got there the first building we entered was the dinosaur exhibit. Bubba and I were very disappointed. I mean dinosaurs are neat but they are not that fun. I started getting scared. I asked my mom, "is this it?" I was scared because I know since I have grown up I have revisited places that I remember being huge and they turn out to be really small. I was afraid this was one of those times. It turns out we were just in building 5 of 5. What a relief. The science center held up to my expectations. I was so happy to revisit it. The pictures above was of the butterfly exhibit. This was absolutely amazing. It was a room full of butterflies. The only bad part about it was I couldn't get and good pictures. I can't wait until I can get a better camera with manual capabilities.

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