Friday, July 28, 2006

Ghost in the Graveyard?

We did the thousand steps cemetry letterbox today. Somthing kinda strange happend when we were there. We were all walking back from the letterbox my nephew yell out hey I just saw some little kid chasing a goose. We all start looking around for them and we don't see the kid or anyone else for that matter. I began asking Dakota questions. How tall is the kid? Dakota holds his hand up to about where his knees are. Well where is this kids parents? Where did the kid go? We keep looking around when one of the other kids point in the direction where the kid was seen and says look," those gravestones have little lambs on them". We go over and sure enough they are little kids gravestones. One child lived to be 2 and the other was only 1. Here is Ashley and my mother reading the dates on the graves. It seems kinda strange don't you think.

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