Friday, July 07, 2006


My cousin Krystina took this photo out of the car window driving to Lake Roosevelt for Fourth of July Weekend. It is funny how two different people can see a situation as different from one another. I had a great time out on the lake, spending time with friends and family. Yet our hosts seemed to have had a horrible time. I think life is a matter of perception. I used to anger my mothers ex-husband by saying you can never have a bad day it just is a matter of how you perceive it. He would say to me well what if my family died in a horrible car accident ( or something to that effect) are you telling me that could be a good day. I would say yes and he would grunt and turn away, trying to figure out a new way to rebut. I still think this is true but I sure wish it was easier to perceive bad days as good days.


sulustu said...

I love the picture of Lake Roosevelt; all green and overflowing with algae. :)

Chelle said...

Ha Ha!!