Friday, April 28, 2006

Bowl and Pitcher

My brother and I hiked around the Bowl and Picher today and took pictures it was pretty fun. The Bowl and Pitcher is part of Riverside National Park. It gets it's name from the rock formation seen here. It is supposed to resemble a pitcher. I have yet to find the bowl but my thought is the bowl is the river. What do you think?

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rubygold said...

hi michelle,
i miss all the nature in spokane and Washington state! there is no river near my house and i sometimes miss the environment which has river. I used to live by a river in Nishinomiya, Japan. Your pic reminds me of the Spokane river I used to look down from the bridge near downtown... and for some reasons, I recall the lylac marathon that I participated while I was there. Maybe the running course was along the river.