Thursday, November 10, 2005

This of course is not a beautiful picture. My intentions here is to show what steps people go to make money and entertain other people. This bear is caged at the smoke shop near Woorley Idaho. The cage must not be any bigger than 5' by 5'. I sat there and watched it pace in circles around the cage and could only be pissed at the people who own it. The people who own the bear are on tribal land, therefore they do not have to follow the same regulations as those in Id, or so it appears. I have seen other wild animals caged there such as deer, cougars, and bison. Do not truly know their purpose, maybe the animals are recuperating. This does not seem the case though. It just becomes very frustrating at times to see sovereign nations that do not need to be regulated by state and federal government. They claim at times that it is their religious way, but I do not think it is always the case. Sometimes I feel that they are not so much concerned about their religion but more concerned about asserting their freedom.

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